How on earth do you offer amazing, high-quality, craft coffee, at such low prices? 

We get asked this question, like, 100 times a day. Ok maybe not 100, but at least once or twice. This may not break the internet, but it’s bound to put a few fancy-shamncy coffee companies out of business. Sorry, not sorry.

Farmer Direct

We buy farmer-direct all year long, from trusted, long-term partners. We secure the very best coffees, at the very best prices, for our very best customers (that’s you silly!). Our farmers set the rates so it’s always fair. A handshake is all we need. When we save a penny, you save a penny. 

Large Volume Contracts

We place huge orders with our farmers. We often purchase their entire harvest for several years forward. They love this because it ensures a steady revenue stream over a long period of time providing stability for families and local communities. We love this because we’re able to get special pricing for our amazing customers. 

Bye Bye Middle Men & Women

Greedy importers and Wall Street coffee dealers? Oh yeah, it’s a thing. You know who you are. Driving up the prices of our beloved morning ritual. Shame on you. By cutting this group out, the savings really add up. Remember, we save a penny, you save a penny. 

High-Tech, Canary Owned Manufacturing

We run lean and super mean. Actually we’re a really friendly crew. We have roasting and manufacturing efficiencies that no other roaster can match. We own it all. Right down to the studs. No co-packers or 3rd parties here. We never hold inventory because fresher is better. Chaaa-Ching!

Furiously Focused

We’re a coffee company focused on better beans. It’s that simple. We don’t operate fancy cafes, caramel you-know-whats aren’t really our thing. We only do business with the best - we’re super selective about our retail partners.We don’t pay distributors- we can make deliveries and stock the shelf ourselves, thank you very much.By staying true to our mission, we save a ton of money. All those savings… yeah, you guessed it. They get passed on to you.